Honey traps are a type of covert operation used by intelligence agencies, law enforcement, or other organizations to gather information or gain leverage over individuals. The tactic involves using a person's sexual or romantic attraction to extract information or influence their behavior.

In a honey trap operation, an attractive person (often referred to as a "honey") is sent to approach and develop a relationship with the target. The honey might use flirtation, seduction, or emotional manipulation to gain the target's trust and gather information that can be used for intelligence or other purposes.

Honey traps can take various forms, from face-to-face interactions to online communication through social media, email, or dating apps. The ultimate goal is to use the target's infatuation with the honey to extract sensitive information or influence their behavior for the benefit of the organization conducting the operation.

Honey traps are considered to be a controversial and ethically questionable tactic, as they involve deception and manipulation of individuals. However, they have been used by intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies around the world for many years as a means of gathering valuable intelligence or evidence.